post-op instructions (implants)

  • A temporary is just as stated- it does not in any way resemble the final restoration in color, shape or fit. It is only temporary.

  • If your gums become tender while in a temporary, use extra time to brush (massage) the gums and rinse with warm water, unless advised otherwise not to rinse.

  1. Avoid sticky foods, such as taffy, caramel, doughy breads, etc.

  2. Avoid chewing on that side if at all possible. Especially, heavy chewing as in peanuts, hard candy, popcorn kernels, etc...

  3. DO NOT FLOSS THE AREA! Pulling on the floss could remove or loosen the temporary.

  4. DO BRUSH THE AREA TO KEEP IT CLEAN IN YOUR USUAL MANNER! This is to keep the area clean and care for the natural teeth and gums. Your teeth may be more sensitive to cold and brushing, but still require proper care.

5. IF THE TEMPORARY LOOSENS, rinse it off and return it to the prepared teeth or store in a safe place and contact the office for an appointment to have it re-cemented.

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